Florian’s Cafè

Cooking in a unique way, a welcoming atmosphere.
You feel at home: a familiar and well-kept room.


Caffè Florian’s is located inside a historic building dating back to the Umbertine era and built around 1880, by the sculptor Giulio Monteverde (born in Bistagno, Alessandria, on October 8, 1837 and died in Rome on October 3, 1917) which he wanted as a personal home and as a laboratory for his works.
The building is topped by a copy of a famous sculpture (the lightning rod Angel) whose original was commissioned by the Italian Government to Monteverde and it was donated to the US Government in 1906 on the occasion of the second centenary of the birth of the famous American scientist and politician Benjamin Franklin (who was the inventor of the lightning rod). The original statue is located in Philadelphia in Franklin’s villa.

florian's cafè esterno
florian's cafè interno affreschi Monteverde

The Room

Entering the first room of the bar, some neoclassical frescoes by Monteverde are still partially visible.


Member of the BNI Association of the Salario-Trieste Chapter